Why Hiring a Competent Child Custody Attorney Matters

08 May Why Hiring a Competent Child Custody Attorney Matters

Where is King Solomon when you need him? A recent episode of a popular prime time medical show included a story line about a custody case involving a divorced parent who wanted to move to another state and take the child with her. The fact that this was a same sex couple appeared to play no part in the court proceedings or the decision. The mother who did not give birth to the child had adopted the child and therefore had the same rights as the biological parent.

Both mothers loved their daughter, spent as close to equal time with her as possible, consulted on decision making. They agreed on just about everything as far as parenting was concerned. But now, the choice of one of them to move miles away, meant their child would lose the benefits of having both parents in her life on a daily basis.

No spoiler alert here. I won’t give away the decision of the judge. After all, what happened on the TV screen won’t necessarily happen in real life. What happens in a real life case depends on many factors that are specific to your circumstances and your case at hand.

If you find yourself in the midst of real life custody battle involving your child, you may feel frustrated, confused and afraid. You may be wondering whether you need to hire an attorney or whether you and your ex-spouse can work out a marital settlement agreement and child custody plan. If the two of you are able to communicate effectively, work together, resolve complicated issues with ease and iron out how your assets will be divided, how your child will be raised, schools they will attend, and more, you will likely not need to hire an attorney.

However, if your spouse is vindictive, there is spousal, substance, or sexual abuse, you don’t understand the legal process, or you and your spouse aren’t able to communicate effectively regarding the big issues like children, property or money, fight constantly, you should consider hiring Damian Nolan, an experienced family law attorney.

Not only will he help you establish long and short term legal goals but, he will also be your advocate inside and outside the courtroom. He will walk you through the complicated legal process, provide you with state specific legal counsel, advise you of your rights and possible legal outcomes, work with you to ensure that you and your child’s rights are protected and present your case in court.

Call Attorney Damian Nolan if you want a family law attorney who is experienced, aggressive when he needs to be, knowledgeable about the law, and honest. Call an attorney who has a deep concern for the welfare of children and a dedication to doing the very best for his clients. You could not ask for more. Your family deserves nothing less.

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