What types of adoptions are available in California?

18 Feb What types of adoptions are available in California?

Child adoption procedures in Los Angeles and across the state of California are not as simple as a person may think. Several legal aspects must be considered to establish the required child-parent relationship, especially when the child’s birth parents are not involved in the adoption. However, once all legal procedures are final, the adoptive parents have all the responsibility and authority to raise the child and make decisions in the best interest of the child.

Adoption by a stepparent or domestic partner is not only common, but also a little simpler type of adoption, because the biological parent is part of the adoption process. A couple should either be registered as domestic partners or married before filing a petition for adoption.

International adoption, an adoption through an agency and independent adoption are also ways to adopt. Independent adoption omits a third party, such as an adoption agency or social service department, unlike a licensed adoption agency or the California Department of Social Services, which are involved in cases of agency adoption. Adopting a child born in a foreign country constitutes an international adoption.

A finalized adoption ends the legal rights and responsibilities of the other parent. One of the most important things the adoptive parent needs to keep in mind is notifying the biological parent about the adoption. Generally, adoption is done with the other parent’s consent, but in a few extreme cases, the court ends parental rights without the approval of the biological parent.

Therefore, parents who want to adopt must make every attempt find the other parent and have him or her sign a written agreement. If the other parent cannot be located, the adoptive parents owe an explanation to the court about the exhaustive steps taken to find the other parent to obtain consent. If the other parent tries to hinder the adoption process, it may be a wise decision to seek professional advice to understand adoptive parental rights, the legal aspects of adoption and everything pertinent in family law.

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