Tyrese Gibson denied custody and visitation with his daughter

28 Feb Tyrese Gibson denied custody and visitation with his daughter

Divorce is very difficult for everyone concerned. Often, the biggest difficulty is the tug of war regarding child custody. Major post-divorce issues can remain due to the ex-spouses unable to come to terms regarding the custody of their child or children.

Norma Gibson, the former wife of Tyrese Gibson of Fast & Furious fame, recently denied Tyrese custody of and visitation with their six-year old daughter. Tyrese and Norma married in 2007 and split in 2009.

In February of this year, Norma denied him a court hearing. Tyrese arrived at Gibson’s residence to pick up their daughter but was denied entry. In 2013, Tyrese filed a custody evaluation with the court, and that is due later in February. It is their hope that this hearing will resolve this ongoing feud.

Child custody may be sole or joint. When a court grants sole custody to one parent, the non-custodial parent normally has visitation rights, often under supervision, and subject to the conditions of a visitation agreement.

If the court’s order fails to mention visitation rights, the non-custodial parent will be allowed visitation. If the non-custodial parent should not be allowed visitation, the decree must include an express prevention of visitation to deny a parent her or his visitation rights. Such prevention only exists when that parent has been declared an unfit parent, which is often due to a history of violence, mental illness or drug or alcohol problem. Courts often decide on joint custody, and if that is impractical or strenuous on the child due to a possible relocation by either parent, visitation rights are awarded, unless exceptional circumstances exist.

A custodial parent may wish the court to bar visitation rights from her or his former spouse if such visitation is detrimental to the child. The law is ordained to uphold the best interests of the child and consider factors such as income, parenting time and the parent’s past relationship with the children before conferring custody or visitation rights. If a parent refuses to obey the court’s decree of visitation or custody, the court can charge the person with contempt of court. It is wise for parents involved with child custody issues to meet with a professional to discuss their options.

Source: US Weekly, “Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife Denies Him Visitation With Daughter Shayla,” Allison Takeda, Feb. 13, 2014

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