Thousands rally for fathers’ rights

03 Jul Thousands rally for fathers’ rights

Among the many family law issues concerning the U.S. justice system these days, fathers’ rights is one issue that has become a hot topic. Considering the substantial divorce rate in California, single parent homes are not uncommon at all these days. However, fathers have been seeking a change in the status quo in matters of child custody for several years at this point.

Hundreds and thousands of fathers rallied together to focus public attention on the US judicial system’s alleged bias towards mothers in child custody disputes. It is considered an injustice that is handed out by a justice system where paternity is being undervalued. According to activists, judgments tend to favor maternal custody claims by a substantial margin with very little priority being given to fathers’ rights.

The recent outrage that was voiced by a large number of parents has the goal of raising awareness for an issue that has denied many fathers their custodial rights as well as their visitation rights. These non-custodial parents are asking to alleviate the inequality and injustice that they think family courts hand down in custody disputes. Non-custodial fathers want to revamp and implement laws that would ensure equal treatment of fathers and mothers in custody issues.

Currently, the activists say, the system favors women to the point that only one out of every six custodial parents is a man. However, through this recent campaign, many men are trying to get their voices heard as they protest against being treated only as an outsider, a visitor or a paycheck for child and spousal support.

Source: Pontiac Daily Leader, “Pushing for fathers’ rights,” Jacob Misener, June 19, 2014

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