Pamela Anderson heading for divorce from husband, once again

24 Jul Pamela Anderson heading for divorce from husband, once again

Divorce rates in Los Angeles and in most U.S. cities are generating much debate and discussion among Americans as well as the media. Breaking down the marital state can be tough not only for the couple separating, but also for their children who will experience emotional effects from the divorce, as well. Often divorce can be difficult financially, too, especially if it is coupled with child maintenance, spousal maintenance or alimony.

Celebrity Pamela Anderson reportedly has filed for divorce again from Rick Salomon. The couple divorced six years ago after one year of marriage. This time, they remained remarried only a few months before the former Baywatch star filed her petition. Pamela Anderson had been divorced thrice before; Salomon is also a serial divorcee, having been divorced multiple times as well.

Divorce is always difficult, no matter how many times it is experienced, especially if it happens amidst persistent bitterness between the estranged couple. Often professional legal help may be sought for an amicable settlement. Many times a mediator can sort through legal and financial differences that arise between the couple when devising a settlement and provide help that may be beneficial to both parties, as well as children, if there happen to be children from the marriage.

Celebrity divorces or divorces relating to high asset disparity between spouses may lead to one spouse feeling adverse financial effects from the divorce. In any case where high assets are involved, financial legal advisers may be able to solve financial issues fairly and in a professional manner.

Furthermore, child custody issues are a major cause of concern in divorce cases and these must be solved amicably because children often suffer emotional turmoil during times of divorce. While divorcing, both parties involved must have the ability to gauge every situation before moving ahead with divorce.

Source: CNN, “Pamela Anderson files for divorce from Rick Solomon – Again“, Alan Duke, July 8, 2014

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