Many parenting programs are reportedly against fathers’ rights

08 Apr Many parenting programs are reportedly against fathers’ rights

Many social, psychological and legal experts believe that the best interest of a minor child lies in being co-parented by both biological parents. Children generally benefit from two parents who are together when it comes to making important decisions on behalf of the child. That, of course, is ideal. However, it is still a problem for fathers’ rights to be overlooked by a court when the court is instituting various parenting programs that are designed to help both parents.

There is a great deal of evidence, however, indicating that the father is very critical for the emotional, social and psychological development of a minor child. Many experts have even linked the child’s growth, self-esteem, academic success and social behavior with the influence of their biological parents. Numerous studies have also shown that there is a higher rate of teenage pregnancies, adolescent delinquencies and even criminal activities in young adults whose father was absent.

Some parenting programs have not only reportedly alienated the father’s role in the child’s development, but also do not provide any concrete steps to include the father more in the child’s life. Since the best interest of the child is closely linked with the father’s involvement, programs alienating the father may adversely affect the child in the long run.

Fathers’ rights have been recognized by many family court judges in recent years. Many Los Angeles fathers do their best to get the most accurate information about their options in order to help them become more involved in the life of their biological children.

Source: “Parenting programs leave father out, to kids’ detriment says researchers,” March 29, 2015

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