Man, 21, files paternity lawsuit against rapper Jay Z

05 Mar Man, 21, files paternity lawsuit against rapper Jay Z

Residents of Los Angeles, California, would agree that a father plays a very important role in the child’s life throughout the child’s growing years. Both fathers and mothers, nowadays, often choose to pursue a paternity lawsuit in order to establish parentage, which brings along with it a number of benefits and responsibilities. This includes the ability to seek child custody, visitation rights and the obligation to pay child support. One such paternity lawsuit may interest many readers across the United States.

According to recent news reports, a 21-year-old man has filed a lawsuit, which claims that celebrated rapper Jay Z is his father. The lawsuit alleges that the man was born after an affair between Jay Z and a teenage girl from Philadelphia during the early 1990s. According to court papers, the most recent lawsuit was filed in December 2014 but the details never emerged in public until now.

Interestingly, Jay Z successfully avoided having to take a paternity test for the same man in 2010. However, the new lawsuit stems from a paternity test that another man, who was paying child support for the now 21-year-old, took in 2011 to determine if he was his son. The results of that test were negative. Still, that man paid child support over several years until the paternity test proved that he had not fathered the man.

The lawsuit claims that Jay Z provided “fraudulent” information to the judge in 2010 when he won the case by arguing that there was no “extraordinary cause” to undergo a paternity test. That was not the first time that Jay Z was involved in a paternity dispute. In 2011, a model from Trinidad claimed that the rapper was the father of her child but Jay Z. However, his confidantes dismissed the allegations as rumors.

Paternity disputes are often complex and present a unique conflict between mothers’ and fathers’ rights. However, a paternity dispute must not hamper a child’s best interests based on a heated conflict between a mother and an alleged father. Therefore, it may be a wise decision to speak with an attorney if the parents want to reach a peaceful resolution over a paternity dispute.

Source: New York Daily News, “Does Jay Z have a love child? Brooklyn-born rapper facing paternity suit in New Jersey court from 21-year-old man,” Andy Mai, Thomas Tracy and Larry McShane, Feb. 19, 2015

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