Lynch and wife settle divorce

24 Jan Lynch and wife settle divorce

When people divorce they have to make a lot of different choices. One choice people can make, in particular, is the choice to complete the divorce civilly or to make the divorce contentious. In some situations, even in a high asset divorce, couples can choose to come together and settle their differences. While the relationship may be over, this is often a good way to quickly solve the divorce issues and stay out of the family law courts.

A recent example of a couple coming together to settle their divorce is the case between actress Jane Lynch and her wife. The two decided to divorce after three years of marriage. The papers were filed in July 2013, but recently the case has settled. Prior to their marriage, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement which could have led to conflict between the actress and her wife.

Originally, it seemed like alimony would be an issue in the case, since Lynch’s wife requested $93,000 a month in support. However, sources say that the couple has also settled the alimony issue, but the exact amount Lynch’s ex-wife will receive is unknown. Under the terms of the settlement, Lynch will be able to keep her California house.

Some have said that the couple settled the case for the sake of the couple’s 11-year-old daughter. Often times, children are one reason that many couples choose to settle their divorce case.

When Long Beach residents are considering divorce, they should consider all their legal options. One viable option is negotiating a settlement with their spouse. This may be in everyone’s best interest and allows a couple to create an agreement that works best for their particular situation.

Source: Examiner, “Jane Lynch, Lara Embry divorce final: Financial settlement reached,” Julie Johnson, Jan. 8, 2014

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