Los Angeles lawyers understand child custody issues

29 Apr Los Angeles lawyers understand child custody issues

Los Angeles, California, has seen its share of bitter child custody battles between separating couples whose child was conceived by unmarried parents. A family court judge always considers the best interests of the child before anything else in order to make a decision on most child custody issues.

Various factors regarding a minor child’s emotional, financial, legal, educational and religious well-being may be examined in order to determine which biological parent should be awarded primary custody. Attorney Damian Nolan has dealt with child custody issues for decades and he has helped many parents come to an amicable understanding that benefits everyone involved, including, most importantly, the child.

While many biological parents nowadays try to fight for joint child custody of their minor children, some may be embroiled in a primary or sole child custody legal battle. Los Angeles lawyer Damian Nolan understands that over the years, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation, as well as child custody arbitration, can result in a more cost-effective and rapid amicable settlement. A neutral third party, in the form of a presiding arbitrator or a mediator, may sit down with the parties jointly or individually in order to address all of their concerns and arguments regarding their cases.

When child custody issues develop from a paternity dispute, the legal proceedings may get complicated, with one of the parents asking for genetic testing in order to establish paternity. These cases may need a greater degree of professional care, since the legal proceedings may get more complicated than traditional child custody hearings.

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