Los Angeles celebrity father determined to win rights over son

08 May Los Angeles celebrity father determined to win rights over son

The strength of the bond between a father and his child cannot be denied. Even the law recognizes that bond and tries to formalize it by way of fathers’ rights over their children. In disputes relating to parental rights over children, those rights tend to assume considerable importance, especially when it comes to custody issues.

In California, unmarried fathers may be prevented by the mothers of their children from spending time with their children or exercising other parental rights over them. That is because the law in California accepts the idea of no existing written agreement between the parents involved regarding parental rights before the child was been conceived. Therefore, if the mother wishes, she can prevent the father from having visitation rights over his child.

This is something that actor Jason Patric has unfortunately discovered in the course of his custody dispute with the mother of his child before a Los Angeles court. The actor, however, has refused to accept this, and is proceeding to launch an advocacy campaign to change the legislation involved, using his son’s name in the campaign.

Although the mother had sought a restraining order to prevent Patric from using their son’s name in the campaign as an emotional platform, the court has allowed him to do so. It, however, remains to be seen whether these efforts on Patric’s part prove to be enough to win a favorable decision in the custody battle before the appellate court.

Child custody battles are anything but easy to deal with. Exerting parental rights might not always be enough. Seeking expert legal advice on how to use his rights as a father as a tool to bring about the legislative change to a state that restricts these cases. Being well informed could ease the process while also strengthening their stance.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “Judge Won’t Stop Jason Patric from Using Son’s Name for Advocacy Purposes,” Eriq Gardner, April 28, 2014.

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