Lakewood lawyers that smooth out divorce proceedings

03 Apr Lakewood lawyers that smooth out divorce proceedings

Divorce proceedings under California law often become quite complicated. Many divorce cases have legal matters relating to finances or child custody that become hotly debated. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Damian Nolan have decades of experience in all family law matters to smooth out the rough edges of divorce proceedings.

In many cases, a divorce proceeding may be uncontested by either party, which means the proceeding may be fairly simple because both estranged spouses wish to separate and have more or less agreed to the various terms of the divorce. Contested divorce cases, however, often have spouses making vehement allegations toward each other and are without much hope for a quick compromise. In some cases, tax authorities may even allow estranged spouses to deduct attorney fees from their gross annual income to help the financial aspects of a divorce.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Damian Nolan specialize in California no-fault divorces, as well as proceedings where one spouse’s actions are responsible for the split. Sometimes, couples separate or become estranged over time. In many cases, irreconcilable differences are the cause of the split and a no-fault divorce proceeding may be initiated by one spouse. The legal professionals at Damian Nolan have extensive experience in all kinds of divorce cases.

Allegations of infidelity, domestic abuse, abandonment or any other similar situation as the reason for a divorce may make it impossible and unsafe for a spouse to remain in the marriage. In order to prove such cases, a Los Angeles family court judge may need hard evidence, such as medical evidence or an eyewitness account to prove the allegations. Having professional legal help in these difficult cases may be imperative.

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