L.A. Court resolves family law dispute over child custody

18 Apr L.A. Court resolves family law dispute over child custody

When a couple splits, custody and visitation disagreements are the basis for most of the contentiousness that occurs in these cases. The dissolution of the family may be a formal divorce between the mother and father or it may be a separation of an unmarried couple or death of one spouse or both that leads to a family custody dispute.

In all of these cases, the court is called upon to decide who should become primary custodian in accordance with the best interests of the child. Several family law issues become paramount because the court may take into account such factors as the respective incomes of the parents, who serves as the current primary caregiver, the current living conditions and so on.

A recent Los Angeles court case illustrates the complexity and seriousness of family law disputes regarding child custody. The child, who was in the custody of his father and stepmother, was removed from their custody by the state because of signs of physical mistreatment and placed in the custody of another relative. The mother of the child is seeking full custody but the court decided for the time being, the child would be safer with a great aunt and unlimited visitation by his mother.

According to reports, the boy’s mother has repeatedly tried to obtain custody of the child but has been unsuccessful. Several reasons may be possible for the mother being denied custody because family court considers family law issues very carefully, always keeping the child’s well-being in mind, before arriving at a decision. The outcomes of complex California family law cases always benefit from expert legal counsel to provide an embattled parent his or her rights and liabilities under California family law.

Source: Chron.com, “Judge decides where starved Spring boy will live,” Cindy George, April 8, 2014.

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