Knowing how to obtain guardianship of a child in California

25 Sep Knowing how to obtain guardianship of a child in California

Child custody issues can often be contentious. The situation may be exacerbated when the court finds the biological parents unfit to take care of the child. Biological parents may even voluntarily give up custody of their children in some cases. In these types of cases, the court may appoint guardianship rights to grandparents, relatives or another person deemed fit to raise the child. The Law Offices of Damian Nolan have had years of experience in the field of establishing guardianship under California law.

In a guardianship arrangement, as opposed to adoption, the biological parents may still be able to retain legal custody of the child as well as maintain the child’s estate. The court can order such probate guardianships, depending on the facts of the case. The child protective services may be contacted for guardianship arrangements.

Under guardianship arrangements, the guardian may be entrusted with similar responsibilities as the biological parents of the child. The guardian may be given total physical and legal custody of the child. Under such circumstances, the guardian may be responsible for taking care of the child’s medical, educational, physical and emotional needs. The guardian must also supervise the child in a manner that does not cause any intentional physical or psychological damage to the child.

On many occasions, the child may be appointed a guardian even though the biological parents are alive and have established the paternity of the child. The court may appoint a relative or a friend of the parents as the guardian under certain circumstances. Some situations may include serious mental or physical ailment, military deployment, imprisonment or rehabilitation, history of physical or mental abuse or another reason that renders the biological parents unfit to raise the child according to the court order.

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