Keeping legal costs down during divorce can help couples move on

04 Feb Keeping legal costs down during divorce can help couples move on

Under California law, irreconcilable differences can be the only reason a couple cites when dissolving their marriage. Neither the law nor the courts care about the specific reasons that led a couple to divorce. Nonetheless, the process usually presents emotional challenges to both spouses and can affect one or both of them financially.

To protect the couple’s interests, a divorcing spouse is better off seeking the services of an attorney who can guide them through the legal proceedings in ways that avoid costly legal expenses. This is usually done by settling any disputed issues before the case enters the court system for final disposition. These settlements, however, must protect a spouse’s current and future interests.

The law offices of Damian Nolan have been serving Southern California residents for years and resolving family law matters with courteous counsel and trustworthy representation. Their goal is to provide clients with thorough representation while keeping legal costs down and minimizing clients’ stress.

Our firm has the experience and resources to help our clients protect their interests, whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, and resolve issues in the most effective way possible. Our attorneys keep their clients updated on all developments in the cases and help them move on with their lives. With each client’s circumstances in mind, the firm presents all available options to help their clients get the best possible results, while avoiding expensive legal costs and financial pitfalls.

The firm helps its clients with a wide array of divorce-related and family law issues, such as the impact of a divorce on business and taxes, child custody, child support, property division, alimony and so on. The attorneys believe in taking their clients’ legal issues on their own shoulders and giving their clients the results they desire through quality legal representation.

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