International child custody debate ends as mother surrenders

23 Apr International child custody debate ends as mother surrenders

When a couple, both of whom are devoted towards their children, bring their marriage to an end, neither of them perhaps wishes to yield any ground whatsoever in the course of a child custody dispute. Yet the court is tasked with the difficult job of pronouncing whether sole custody of the child will be awarded to the mother or the father, or whether both the parents shall share joint custody.

Among the factors that the court is expected to take into consideration before pronouncing the decision are the best interests of the child, the respective incomes of the parents and whether a parent has a history that indicates that they may not having sufficient responsibility as to be entrusted with the welfare of a growing child.

On occasion, the parent who fails to gain primary custody have been known to commit desperate acts, such as seeking to forcibly retain custody or even take the children in an attempt to escape the clutches of the law. However, one can say with certainty that such actions are usually rather foolhardy and the parent may be better off seeking legal options so as to try and get a custody agreement modification. Otherwise, chances are small that the parent will succeed in keeping the children.

A case in point is that of the mother who had taken two of her children and tried to flee from U.S. altogether, thereby violating the parental rights of the children’s fathers in the process. Not only was she forced to return to Los Angeles and surrender before the law, but her actions also prompted the court to award full custody of the children to their respective fathers.

Source:, “Slovakian woman arrested for child abduction,” April 10, 2014

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