Fathers’ rights in California – Part II

14 Jan Fathers’ rights in California – Part II

Many psychologists over time have stated that fathers should be the first role model for any child. Noted psychologist Sigmund Freud once said that “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” It is a sad reality that many children in California, as well as in the entire United States, have grown up without their fathers being an active part of their daily lives.

Fathers’ rights advocates have, for a long time, expressed the need to reestablish the connection between a father and his biological child. The need to have a healthy relationship with a person’s biological father is necessary for both the parent and the child. Many fathers seek the right to visit their children or get full or shared custody.

In the event that a child has been estranged from the biological father due to divorce or separation of the child’s biological parents who are not married, there may still be state-sponsored programs to help the child cope with such abandonment. Additionally, the father may wish to seek the help of such a program in order to reconnect with their child.

Such fatherhood projects are specifically focused on low income families, which typically have a higher rate of father abandonment. The programs may be designed to help in counseling sessions, group support or conduct other therapies that may aid in reconnecting the biological father and his child. In the event that there are allegations of neglect and abuse, such programs may also help to guide the father and child to get through the difficult years that occurred in the past and to come to a healthy understanding about their life choices.

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