Fathers’ rights in California-Part I

20 Nov Fathers’ rights in California-Part I

Most Californian residents agree that fathers have a duty towards their children, and that men must play a positive role in the upbringing of their children. In the best interest of the child, in many divorce cases, the court gives joint custody of the child to both parents.

In California, according to the Family and Medical Leave Act, any man who has worked for a year in a business is entitled to take a leave for the birth of a child. The man may also take leave even when he is adopting a baby. Businesses should always respect a fathers’ rights.

No father should fear a loss of his job when it comes to taking care of a child during illness. In fact, any business that has more than 50 employees must offer their employed fathers three months of unpaid leave for a period up to one year to take care of a newborn or a child who is ill.

As long as a father is able to establish paternity, a father is entitled to all privileges of fatherhood, regardless of whether the child born out of wedlock or born during a marriage. In the best interest of the child, the child will also inherit a father’s life insurance, medical benefits and child support.

In California, if paternity is not contested, a man can establish paternity merely by signing a declaration. If paternity is contested, then the man who regards himself as the father may have to take part in genetic testing. The Paternity Opportunity Program of California extends help to men who wish to establish their paternity and promote responsible fatherhood.

Source: Fatherhood.gov, “Policies to Promote Responsible Fatherhood,” accessed on Nov.9, 2014

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