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Representing California Fathers In A Range Of Legal Disputes


Years ago, mothers had a definite upper hand in the court system. They were nearly always awarded primary custody of the children in divorce. Today, that is not the case. The California courts acknowledge that fathers have rights, too.


At The Law Offices of Damian Nolan, our fathers’ parental rights attorney in Long Beach has litigated more than 1,000 family law cases. He can assist you with:


Paternity: In order to have any legal rights, a man must first prove that he is the child’s father through DNA testing or through a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity. (If the man is married to the child’s mother, however, he is automatically assumed to be the father.)

Abuse allegations: Many fathers going through divorce face allegations of child abuse. The child’s mother may attempt to use a domestic violence charge to gain full custody.

Custody or visitation: Fathers can be awarded full custody, partial custody or visitation rights, depending on the circumstances.

Child support: If the father does not have primary custody, he will usually be required to make child support payments.


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