Child Support

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We represent both custodial and noncustodial parents in Lakewood and Long Beach and elsewhere in California. Noncustodial parents may be ordered by the court to pay child support every month for their children’s care. The formula for determining child support incorporates many factors, including:


Both parents

How much time the children spend with the noncustodial parent

The status under which each of the parents files taxes

How many other children are in the home

Deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, health care costs and retirement costs


Child Support Enforcement


The custodial parent has legal recourse if child support goes unpaid. Some of these legal solutions include contempt of court, loss of licenses, interest on child support arrears, jail time and child support payments being taken out of the noncustodial parent’s retirement.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for noncustodial parents to quit jobs, stop taking overtime work or even work “under the table” to avoid paying child support. There are legal avenues that custodial parents can pursue in these circumstances, and we can inform you of your full range of options.


Frequently Asked Questions


When can I get a child support order?

Child support orders can be made when you get a legal separation, annulment or divorce; when paternity is established; or when you get a restraining order for domestic violence.


How does the court calculate child support?

The state of California has guidelines to calculate how much child support a noncustodial parent should pay. If parents do not agree on a child support amount, the judge in the case will base the child support amount on the calculation formula in the guidelines.


How do I change a child support order?

Child support orders can be changed when there is a “material change in circumstances.” This can include a change in the amount of time you spend with your child, the acquisition of a lower-paying job and other reasons. If the judge in your case ordered support in an amount lower than the guideline amount, the amount you pay in child support can be altered at any time without a change in circumstances.


When does child support end?

There are five ways that child support can end: when your child marries, dies, gains emancipation, turns 18 and is not a full-time high school student or turns 19.


Will I be able to get child support from a time before the support order?

If you are not receiving public assistance benefits, it is possible for you to get child support from the day you filed to get child support initially. To be able to get child support from the date of your initial filing, you will need to serve the noncustodial parent inside of three months after the date of your initial filing. The judge in your case may order child support from a different date, including the hearing date, the date the other parent was served or some other date.


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