Divorce Statistics in Long Beach, California

19 Apr Divorce Statistics in Long Beach, California

The national divorce rate in the United States is estimated to be between 40% and 50%. This means that statistically, about half of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. In Long Beach, California, this rate is above the national average, at about 60%, which means that people are getting divorced at a higher rate than in some other parts of the country. But this is by no means the highest rate.

States like Arkansas, Idaho and Nevada have the highest divorce rates in the country by a huge margin meaning that Long Beach is closer to the national average than it seems at first.

However, divorce rates are dropping across the United States. The primary reason for this seems to be that people are getting married much later in life than ever before. Women are choosing to have a career before getting married and having kids while men are far less likely to jump into marriage straight out of school.

In Long Beach, the average age that women choose to get married is now between the ages of 35 and 44 years whereas men are choosing marriage even later in life between the ages of 45 to 54 years. This bodes well for the divorce rate dropping in Long Beach and it could even decrease below the national average in the next few decades or so.

Another trend that may be affecting the divorce rate in Long Beach is the fact that women are less likely to get married than men. Statistically, only 37.2% of women are married whereas 40.4% of males are married. This may seem like a small disparity but it is huge reversal that has occurred over the past couple of decades where women were far more likely to get married than pursue a career and men were less likely to get married. Women are far more likely to file for divorce than men.

Poverty, lack of education and employment all have an impact on divorce statistics. Married couples living in poverty are statistically more likely to get divorced than couples who are well educated and gainfully employed. The fact that a larger percentage of the population are completing their education and ensuring that they are financially stable before marriage is also a large factor affecting the drop in divorce rate in Long Beach and across the United States.

Divorced persons under the age of 55 years are less likely to get remarried than ever before whereas the rate for over 55’s has increased to a staggering 67% when compared to only 29% of those aged between 18 and 24 years. People are therefore less likely to get remarried in their younger years than they are in their later years which continues to follow the trend that people are preferring to wait and be sure that they are ready for marriage before taking their vows. Second marriages are less likely to end in divorce.

Another reason that the divorce rate may be decreasing is due to the fact that couples have far greater access to counseling and therapy and that these measures to prevent a marriage from ending in divorce are far more socially acceptable than ever before. This means that married couples are far more likely to get counseling or take steps to prevent divorce.

In the same way that married couples are taking steps to ensure that they are ready for marriage, they are also not simply jumping into divorce. Statistically, more couples are seeking legal advice before getting married and before getting divorced than ever before.

Are You Ready For Divorce?

While women are more likely to file for divorce, they are also statistically more likely to suffer from the economic consequences of a divorce in the long run than their partners. Men are more likely to suffer in the short term in relation to the emotional and psychological impact of the divorce.

Both women and men who seek legal advice before getting divorced in order to better understand the financial and long-term economic impact that the dissolution of marriage may have are less likely to suffer from the repercussions.

It is therefore highly recommended to contact a lawyer for advice and legal representation in order to ensure that the consequences of a divorce are well understood and that a fair divorce settlement can be reached.

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