Divorce-is shared parenting the way forward?

29 Apr Divorce-is shared parenting the way forward?

During the last 30 years, Courts in most states have granted more powers to custodial parents. This has spawned a backlash from non-custodial parents, who are now demanding more rights.They now advocate for equal parenting, unless there is a history of abuse or substance abuse. They also argue that Judges need more flexibility in determing the custody arrangements.

As always, the best interest of the child or children is paramount. The goal of any divorce where children are involved is to ensure both parents have a good relationship with their offspring. To this end, courts in most states are rethinking the age old formulas. Gender roles have evolved and more men are now caretakers than ever before.It also appears that most Americans support the idea of shared parenting, which will prompt some new ways in determing custody arrangements.

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