Divorce in one day now a reality, thanks to San Diego court

10 Dec Divorce in one day now a reality, thanks to San Diego court

No matter how cordial relations between married partners are, separating and legally obtaining a divorce can be difficult, as any Los Angeles, California, resident may know. This has much to do with the various formalities associated with the process, which can take a considerable length of time to be settled. In many cases, if neither partner is familiar with the divorce process, they might find at a later time that the divorce cannot be authorized by the court due to some technicality, which only prolongs the process.

While hiring a lawyer undoubtedly helps expedite the process, couples should be able to obtain a divorce without help if they become familiar enough with the process and its requirements. San Diego Superior Court recently launched the “One-Day Divorce” program, which finalizes a divorce and issues the relevant paperwork all in the same day. However, in order to qualify for this program, separating partners must already have settled the issues relating to the divorce, including plans to care for any children, division of marital and other property and so on.

Also, the original divorce filing must have occurred at least six months prior to seeking approval through the One-Day Divorce program and only couples living within the court’s jurisdiction of San Diego County can qualify for this program. Furthermore, a divorce involving complex issues cannot be resolved through this process, which is effectively the last act of a divorce drama. However, it does promise faster relief to the many individuals who are filing for divorce without an attorney’s assistance.

Despite the reported simplicity of the program, it does not suggest that divorce is by any means easy. It is likely that divorces involving recalcitrant couples may still involve drawn-out courtroom disputes requiring the active intervention of a judge. However, where partners are separating amicably and have, on their own accord, reached a compromise about how to lead separate lives subsequent to a divorce, the program means that their new lives can begin that much sooner.

Source: U-T San Diego, “San Diego court offers one-day divorce,” Lyndsay Winkley, Dec. 4, 2014

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