Divorce alternatives for short duration marriages in California

15 Apr Divorce alternatives for short duration marriages in California

Divorce proceedings can often be drawn out and acrimonious. In many cases, the estranged spouses may harbor ill will towards one another and this bitterness may spill over in the divorce proceedings. Many Los Angeles residents have fallen victims to a divorce proceeding in which the estranged spouse has levied false allegations.

However, there are various alternatives available to a divorce proceeding. But, such alternatives are not usually available to Los Angeles couples who have been married for a very long time and have amassed a lot of joint marital property and have children together. Short term marriages, however, may apply in such situations. Having a prenuptial agreement may also help accelerate the procedure.

For couples who have not lived in California for a period of six months or more, legal separation or even annulment may be a good alternative to divorce. In many cases, the coupe may not wish to divorce due to various reasons, including religious beliefs, financial reasons or any other justifiable cause. In such cases, a legal separation may be preferred by either or both estranged spouses. In such cases the judge may still allow the couple to divide their properties and settle matters relating to alimony and spousal support. However, it must be noted that in cases of legal separation, the couple would still remain married on paper and cannot marry another person.

An annulment may be preferred by some couples. An annulment by definition voids the marriage contract and thus, under the law, the marriage is seen as non-existent. An annulment may be granted in cases where the couple was married when one or both spouses were minors or in cases where the marriage was conducted under fraudulent pretenses.

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