Contested divorce proceedings in California

24 Jan Contested divorce proceedings in California

Many couples in Los Angeles are choosing to amicably settle divorce proceedings since they both may want the same thing when separating. These cases are termed “uncontested” divorce proceedings. In many other cases, however, the estranged couple disagrees on the terms of their separation.

When a divorce petition is filed and the other estranged spouse or respondent disagrees with the terms of divorce put forth by the petitioner, a contested divorce proceeding may ensue. In many contested divorce proceedings both parties usually attempt to review all available options in order to help them achieve a settlement that is in their best interest.

In many cases the estranged couple may benefit from out-of-court settlement attempts, like divorce mediation. In a mediation proceeding, the estranged couple may sit down with a neutral mediator who can help them achieve common ground in order to help resolve all issues relating to their divorce. Issues relating to finances, property division, child custody or spousal support and child support can often be quite contentious.

Under California law, a judge usually asks an estranged couple to go through settlement proceedings in a contested divorce before setting a trial date to resolve specific issues. The language used in such proceedings can become quite technical and the procedure can also be time consuming. Many spouses seeking divorce find that getting the right information about how to proceed – whether it is through mediation or through a court trial – is the best way to attempt to ensure that the best result comes out of a bad situation.

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