Child custody and mediation in Los Angeles

06 Jun Child custody and mediation in Los Angeles

Divorce and child custody can be extremely complicated. Parenting Schedule is the new term to be used by courts to replace child custody and visitation. All across the United States, including in Los Angeles, California, divorced couples often get into a bitter tussle over how much time their children should spend with them.

Arriving at a parenting schedule that is mutually agreeable is the best solution, but is not easy to come by, often resulting in a spouse seeking court intervention. The court then sets aside a mediation date, when the parents can meet a professional counselor to draw up a parenting plan for them. Based on the counselor’s recommendations, courts finalize a visitation plan and parenting time.

Parents should take these court mediations seriously and adequately prepare for them, as they can have long-term implications. It is best to write down one’s concerns and a visitation schedule proposal, so as not to lose focus of the exact desirable outcome.

One could also meet with a professional counselor prior to the mediation. They could provide tools to help in facing a situation that could easily slip into counter-accusations and loud arguments. Finally, one should consider talking with the other spouse before the court mediation. It may result in a more effective and productive outcome.

If one is involved in a child custody battle, consider getting in touch with an experienced attorney who can guide, and prepare a plan in the best interests of the child. An attorney will consider various factors, including the age and needs of the child before representing one’s case, thereby helping come up with the best possible solution.

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