Celebrity actor’s wife files papers to end 20-year marriage

02 May Celebrity actor’s wife files papers to end 20-year marriage

A long-time married couple that decides to end their marriage on good terms still must work through a wide array of issues such as child custody and child support, if there are minor children. Furthermore, spousal support and property division could be very complex steps in dissolution. Any one of these elements can make a divorce emotionally challenging anywhere in the country, including California. Add the public scrutiny that typically comes with celebrity, and the experience can be profoundly unsettling for both spouses.

This is probably the case of actor Cuba Gooding Jr., now 46, whose wife of 20 years recently filed for legal separation in a Los Angeles County court. Presumably, this puts the couple on the road to filing for a divorce at some point.

In her court documents, Sara Kapfer, who was Gooding’s high school sweetheart, listed irreconcilable differences as the motive force in the couple’s split. The documents also request that Kapfer be given joint physical and legal custody of the couple’s minor son and daughter still living at home as well as spousal support. The couple married in 1994 and the two also have a 19-year-old son.

It is not clear if the couple has a prenuptial agreement, which could detail property division and spousal support. Even if these are included in the legal document, the divorcing spouses could move to disqualify the legal document and come to terms on their own.

Regardless of how amicable both spouses may feel going into a separation and potentially a divorce, the end of a martial relationship can be tough on a couple. To address this, divorcing couples in California should consult with experienced family lawyer for help in making sure the end of their marriage remains as amicable as possible so they can reach a fair divorce settlement.

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