23 Oct When Does Spousal Support End?

Unless a couple end their relationship in total harmony and agreement over financial affairs, it is likely that there will be a certain amount of acrimony. That’s where family law attorneys come in to help a couple go through divorce and prepare for a life...

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Divorce Lawyer Whittier

17 Sep Contested Divorces in California

If you and your spouse are going through the preliminary stages of a divorce, but cannot agree on the way your children are cared for afterwards, or how joint assets are divided up, you may decide to file for a contested divorce. A contested divorce...

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13 Aug Dads and Their Kids After a Divorce

Divorces and separations can be messy, stressful and emotionally draining. The longer a couple have been together and the more kids they have, the harder it can be to sort out all the issues involving commonly owned assets, the family home, child custody and support. In...

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