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If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, take some time and look at your situation objectively; there are many questions you will need to answer. Are there bills you will want to continue to pay? What debts can be eliminated in bankruptcy debt discharge? What debts will survive the discharge?


There may be exemptions you can utilize; find out what those are and maximize them. Put your credit cards away where they are not convenient and stop using them. Research local credit counseling services and begin attending meetings. Take a long, hard look at your debts and your income and decide whether filing now or at a later date is more beneficial to your situation. If you have automatic bill pay or your paycheck is on direct deposit, you will need to open new banking accounts and move all your money to the new accounts. Change your direct deposit information with your employer so that your pay is deposited into the new accounts. Make sure that only your most important bills are on automatic bill pay from the new accounts.


Bankruptcy may be a good option for you if:


You have many dependents

The amount you owe is large

You have few assets and/or cash

You have little to no savings

You are an older person


There isn’t a checklist for deciding to file bankruptcy; your personal situation should dictate whether or not you file. An attorney with experience and qualifications with bankruptcy law can help you decide, however. Bankruptcy is not impossible, and a bankruptcy attorney can help you through the legal maze to get you the relief from your overwhelming debt, ending the worry and stress that debt can cause.


You can file for bankruptcy on your own, many bankruptcy cases are more complex than filling out forms and paying fees. The instructions that come with bankruptcy forms aren’t always easy-to-read or understand, and, since bankruptcy laws were amended in 2005, and a bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help you through all the new hoops a person must now jump through to file bankruptcy.


Because the 2005 amendments to bankruptcy law include an assumption of abuse of bankruptcy as debt relief, the process of filing for bankruptcy is far more complicated than it was before the amendments.


Bankruptcies are federal cases, and California does not have state laws governing bankruptcy. Because a bankruptcy is under federal law, the only differences between bankruptcy filings in one state versus another might be what property and/or assets are exempt and what effects bankruptcy might have on personal property.


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