Attorneys to help establish fathers’ rights in California

28 May Attorneys to help establish fathers’ rights in California

Decades ago, mothers enjoyed more privileges than fathers through the U.S. court system. Mothers were usually awarded primary custody of the child. However, the situation is undergoing a change. In the United States nowadays, particularly in California, fathers enjoy a lot of rights, as well as mothers. In the best interest of the child, child custody is often given to fathers, thereby giving recognition to fathers’ rights.

The Law Offices of Damian Nolan, a California lawyer and parental rights attorney, has experience in handling more than 1,000 fathers’ rights cases. The attorneys in the law firm can help you with a wide range of issues, including paternity, child support, child custody issues and abuse allegations.

In order to establish the fathers’ rights, it is mandatory for a man to prove that he is the biological father. This can be done either through a paternity test or by signing an acknowledgement of paternity. If the man is not married to the child’s mother, it may be difficult for the father; the support of a knowledgeable attorney who can successfully defend his case may be invaluable.

In California, just like everywhere else in the country, fathers often face abuse allegations. In such a case, the attorney’s support may help a great deal. The attorney can help the father regain his fathers’ rights. In some cases, fathers are granted full child custody, depending on the circumstances. Even if the father does not get child custody, he will have visitation rights in most cases.

If the father does not have physical custody of the child, he will have to pay child support. If a father is deprived of his rights to the child, it may be a wise decision for him to consult a California attorney who can offer sound guidance and advice.

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