As economy strengthens, divorce rates rise

06 Feb As economy strengthens, divorce rates rise

Couple who decide to get married often believe that they will be together forever. They make plans, combine their lives until they are one unit. However, often marriage is not the fairy tale that movies and television make it seem. Marriages can be tough and relationships can see problems as the couple grows. Over the years, people may not be as satisfied in the relationship and other California residents may want to end the relationship altogether.

To legally end the relationship, a couple must divorce. Through the divorce process, people will completely separate the lives they had together. If the couple has children the couple will move from husband and wife to co-parents. If no children were produced during the marriage, the couple can move forward to live completely separate lives.

While many people may think that divorce is very common in California, new data suggests that divorce rates have actually fallen over the last several years. According to the data, during the recession fewer people were getting a divorce. Some have speculated that this was because the recession brought couples closer together. Other experts have said that people likely just did not have the financial resources to live separate lives during the tough economic times.

However, now that the economy has rebounded, divorce rates are starting to rise again. As the economy gets stronger, more people are seeking divorce. Overall, the new research suggests that the economy can change when a couple will divorce, but generally doesn’t decide if they will divorce.

As more California couples may thinking about the end of a marriage, they need to make sure they understand their legal rights. Speaking with a good divorce lawyer will enable them to understand where they stand from a legal perspective.  The decisions made during the divorce can have a long term effect on the person’s future.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Divorces rise as economy recovers, study finds,” Emily Alpert Reyes, Jan. 27, 2014

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