An experienced California attorney can help in divorce cases

17 Oct An experienced California attorney can help in divorce cases

The court in California does not consider the reasons behind a divorce. The court only asks if there are any irreconcilable differences and whether those differences can be resolved. If these differences cannot be resolved, the couple may divorce. The divorce can then be finalized after six months have elapsed.

The divorce attorney on the case needs to be astute enough so that the attorney has a complete understanding of California divorce laws. An attorney should be able to handle a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, there is a disagreement on various aspects of the marriage dissolution, such as alimony, child custody, property division, etc. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses agree to all divorce terms and do not need any assistance from the court. Uncontested divorces are not complex or time-consuming, but it is still important to consider consulting with an attorney to ensure the terms are fair.

During a divorce proceeding, California courts consider businesses to be an asset. In instances where a business has been inherited before marriage or owned before the wedding, it is considered a mixture of community and separate property. In many cases, an experienced attorney can work with the parties to ensure the business is fairly split or kept running in a way that leaves his or her client satisfied.

As evidenced by these issues, a divorce, whether contested or not, can be complex. Thus, it is imperative to find a compassionate, dedicated, diligent, and aggressive attorney who can help you reach a resolution that is not only fair to you, but also supports your best interests. We at the Law Offices of Damian Nolan possess all of these characteristics and, though your marriage may be coming to an end, we can help your new life get off to a fantastic start.

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