Alimony not just for women, men starting to seek it more often

08 Jan Alimony not just for women, men starting to seek it more often

Before a couple decides to get divorced, several issues must be considered. Amongst them is how each party will fare financially once all is said and done. Sometimes this is where emotional, heated exchanges take place because one party feels cheated or more entitled to financial security. One of the specific areas often disputed is alimony, also known as spousal support. Through spousal support, a party typically receives monthly payments from the other party to ensure financial security.

Though spousal support most often received by women, men, too, can receive it from their ex-spouse. In fact, a survey of divorce lawyers conducted last year found that 47 percent have seen an increase in the number of women who pay alimony to their ex-husband. As can be seen throughout southern California, some believe the increase is attributable to women becoming the highest wage earner in the household and the increase of husbands who stay at home with their children.

Alimony, unlike child support, is not mandatory upon divorce. Instead, a judge has discretion when it comes to awarding spousal support. To reach this determination, the judge may consider several factors including the length of the marriage, whether the requesting party has the necessary education and training to find an adequate job, whether the requesting party forewent work in order to care for children during the marriage, and the debts and assets of each party. This list is not exhaustive, but may give a clearer picture of when one may receive spousal support.

Family legal issues can be difficult to manage. Frustration, anger and sadness can affect one’s judgment and ability to reach a favorable outcome. Luckily, a Lakewood family law attorney may be able to help. He may sit with a client to clarify the divorce process and discuss what legal strategies exist to reach an outcome that places the party in a strong position for his or her new life.

Source: Money News, “Increasing Numbers of Men Get Alimony From Their Ex-Wives,” Dec. 24, 2013

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